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Our Hand Poured Candles are made just for you

About us

Our Products

At Miss Pixie Candle Co we produce an amazing selection of 100% Soy candles, Pillar Candles, Wax melts and Diffusers which are all made to order.

We only use the finest quality soy wax and wicks, so you can be assured your candle will not only be amazing to smell but also safe to use.

About Miss Pixie Candle Co

Let me introduce myself .. my name is Jo and with the help from Dave my husband, I was able to bring my dream of making more beautiful candles for everyone in to a reality.

Miss Pixie Candle Co was born in November 2020, after what started out as a hobby, has now evolved into a passion for creating and sharing beautiful candles with everyone.

Are you wondering why we are called Miss Pixie Candle Co... well its a fusion of the names of our two beautiful Maine Coon girls, Missy and Pixie as they are always on hand to assist.

Our Fragrances

We have fifteen exquisite fragrances for you to choose from and all of our fragrances are Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Our stunning 100% Soy Candles, Wax Melts, Pillar candles and Diffusers are freshly made to order, so you can choose your favorite fragrance which is then hand poured into your chosen Candle jar.

Each fragrance chosen by you is an extension of you and the essence of your home. There’s nothing better than walking into a home and smelling the gorgeous fragrance of a quality made candle like ours!

It not only represents the love you have for your space but welcomes your guests and loved ones with a warmth that they’ll remember.