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Candle Jar Refills

Candle Jar Refills

Miss Pixie Candle Co
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Do you have a collection of empty candle jars that you just can’t part with.

Well Miss Pixie Candle co can help you out!

Some jars are just too beautiful to throw out and refilling those jars is a great way to reduce waste and to continue using a Candle Jar you love.

Unsure of what size your Candle Jar is? 

  • Place your clean candle Jar on a kitchen scale and set the measurement to grams.
  • Press Tare so the weight resets to zero.
  • Fill the container with water to around 20mm from the top of the jar, make a note of the weight.
  • This will give you a good guide of the size you need, but don't worry as we will recheck this for you and let you know if it needs adjusting.

For Extra-large candle jars (jars over 350g) we are more than happy to give you a peronalised quote, just drop us an email.

 Once your order is placed, we will contact you with info on how to drop your vessel off to us or arrange a collection time/place if you are located in Perth.

Refilled candles will be ready for pick-up/ delivery within a week.